Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church

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When was Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church constituted? No one knows for sure when the church was constituted, but there are facts and clues given in the earliest available church records to strongly suggest that it was constituted before 1873. The earliest record available begins in 1873 with the minutes of a conference that deals with things that had been continued from a previous conference; therefore, it is evident that record Book #1 (that the church now has) is not the first record of the church.

Elder B.L. Abernathy was the pastor and moderator of the above mentioned conference held at Macedonia in 1873. A memorial for Elder Abernathy has been found in the minutes of the 55th Session of the Marietta Association of Primitive Baptist Churches. The memorial shows that Elder Abernathy had been an ordained minister since 1864. Was he Macedonia's first pastor? Probably.

The original church was nestled in the deep woods of the northeastern corner of Bartow County, Georgia in a little farming community called Macedonia. In June 1945, the church agreed to sell the church property to the government for the purpose of building the Allatoona Dam and Reservoir. On December 4th, 1948, Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church met for its first service in the new building located on Highway 20 near Cartersville, Georgia. The church continued to meet at this location until May 2011.

After selling the Highway 20 church property and building location in May 2011, the church met in the different homes of the members until July 2011. Brother Lloyd and Sister Angie Taylor then offered for the church to meet in an extra building that they remodeled on their property until the new church building was complete. The church continued to meet there for the next eleven months.

On June 24, 2012, Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church met at the Pine Log location for its first service.

The Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church has weathered the storms of time for more than 135 years, and the church is still unchanged, standing on THE SOLID ROCK: JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.